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Through funding and collaborative projects, ONCAT supports the development of targeted, in-demand pathways and adoption of student-centered transfer processes and practices in Ontario.

Our funding strategies work on different scales to move towards a more seamless and student-centered transfer system. This includes working directly with key stakeholders (i.e. transfer students, faculty members, administrators), supporting research to inform transfer system planning, supporting concrete pathway development projects in in-demand areas, and piloting system-level interventions. 

Funding Opportunities

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To apply for funding, submit your application through ONCAT’s online application portal, where you can also preview the application questions.
For details about the funding streams, please review the pages linked above. If you would like to discuss your project before applying, please reach out to the staff member listed on the pages and in the portal as the contact for each initiative.

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Additional Information

To help project teams carry out their projects and prepare their work to share with others, ONCAT has developed several resources, which are available to download below: