Bachelor of Early Childhood Leadership Degrees Transfer Pathways Project

Fanshawe College of Applied Arts and Technology
S. Fieber
P. Chorney Rubin
C. Coulthard
M. Sanchez-Keane
A. Sanchez
J. Flook
C. O'Callaghan
R. Pestill
J. Cross
S. Milz
J. Bugorski
G. Hunter
E. Lukaszyk
N. Kabani
D. Shalimo
Y. Gorica
P. DeCourcy
Y. Jalali-Kushki
George Brown, Sheridan,and Fanshawe Colleges have worked together to create the Honours Bachelor of Early Childhood Leadership Program (ECL). Students in the Early Childhood Education (ECE) diploma are able to access face-to-face courses to bridge into the three institutions offering of the Honours Bachelor of Early Childhood Leadership Program (ECL). Students successfully completing a diploma with a GPA of 2.5 or higher are eligible to bridge into level 5 of the degree program, giving them the recognition of previous learning. Fanshawe, George Brown, and Sheridan Colleges expanded opportunities for post-secondary collaboration by creating online bridging courses therefore making bridging courses accessible to students graduating from one of the twenty four colleges that offer ECE across the province. A comprehensive pathways framework and online bridging courses were created for student mobility to support the pursuit of multiple credentia ls . The overall project purpose was to create a transparent and easy-to-understand pathway model for students to comprehend their pathways to achieve apprenticeship, diploma, and degree qualifications in this field including but limited to post graduate degrees and Teacher' s College.The visual model will be communicated strategically through multiple platforms to reach the intended students and applicants across the province. In addition, the bridging courses were created into accessible, interactive, online courses to student s and applicants.