Continuing Education Credential Completion Strategy - General Arts and Science

Mohawk College of Applied Arts and Technology
A. Horton
J. Vanderveken
N. Lacruz
J. Bugorski
B. Sawchyn
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In partnership, Mohawk College and Fanshawe College worked to create pathways within their respective General Arts and Science programs. General Arts and Science, unique in being largely options-based and offered through both part-time and full-time deliveries, was leveraged within the project to facilitate credit transfer opportunities and enhance flexibility for students, in particular for those going through an academic transition. The main goals of the project were to map post-secondary credits from institutions within the colleges’ catchment area on both a course-to-course and course-to-program outcome basis. Data resulting from the process was to be compiled by establishing a database. The project was to culminate in sending course credit transfer decisions to ONCAT...