Diploma to Degree pathway: Lakehead History Degrees (including the BA History Online)

Lakehead University
M. Beaulieu
J. Kirker
A. Heppner
N. Luckai
History is one of the most popular degrees sought in the Social Sciences and Humanities at Lakehead University and has the potential to be an attractive degree option for college transfer students. It is a discipline that combines content knowledge with the development and honing of analytical, critical thinking, writing, and communication skills that are highly sought after by employers. Many of these foundational skills are developed as part of college diploma programs and are articulated by the associated program learning outcomes. However, college diploma programs do not always offer the content-based or process learning in courses that facilitate transfer of credits. It is an issue further compounded by 3-year and 4-year University degree level expectations as well as course and program level learner outcome requirements...