English Degree to Public Relations Pathway: A University to College Collaboration

Sault College of Applied Arts and Technology
K. Pearson
D. Elmore
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Initially the purpose of this collaborative pathway project between Algoma University and Sault College was to provide an academic bridging pathway from a Bachelor of Arts in English into a Public Relations credential. The intention of the project was to engage students entering their third or fourth year of their degree program by offering a blended curriculum of English and Public Relations. As a result, students would receive a balance of theory and practical skills while making professional industry contacts. The intention was also that students would satisfy requirements for the Bachelor of Arts credential from Algoma University as well as the Public Relations and Event Management Graduate Certificate through Sault College. This option is highly desirable to students given the high rates of employment for Public Relations graduates combined with the less “job ready” Bachelor of Arts degree. Through discussion by both parties, it was determined that one possible model for the pathway is a major/minor model. In other words, the student would obtain a Bachelor of Arts in English, with a Minor in Public Relations from Algoma University, in addition to a Graduate Certificate in Public Relations/Event Management from Sault College (with the minor identified on the student’s transcript). This would be possible by counting Sault College Public Relations courses as Algoma University electives. Pending completion of an academic planning process at Algoma University, this approach to the project has been temporarily put on hold as of the time of this report; however, there is an interim alternative solution to this bridging where students may take the PR program courses in the midst of their BA and receive 15 credits (one semester) of transfer credit toward their BA program and then will only have one additional semester to complete their BA requirements.