Funding: Seamless Transfer

ONCAT supports seamless transfer projects that pilot and test highly integrated approaches to transfer in Ontario, that have the potential to scale. Seamless Transfer projects focus on policy/procedural changes and interventions that affect the credit transfer system as a whole. It is an opportunity to support experimentation and innovations in credit transfer processes and help identify realistic models that can be scaled province-wide.

Areas of Focus

  • Maximizing Transfer credits: Projects that support institutions to change practices/policies to reverse the burden of appealing credit transfer decisions from students to institutions (ie. considering how elements of the Lisbon/Bologna framework could be adapted in Ontario)
  • First year transferability: Collaborative projects that engage postsecondary institutions to develop guaranteed transfer credit for core/first year programming
  • Institution-wide policy development: Projects that support institutions to develop standardized policies that make transfer processes student-centred (eg. awarding block transfer credit/exemptions to graduates of programs)
  • Transfer+ Accreditation: Projects that bring institutions and accreditation bodies together to create provincial transfer strategies that meet accreditation requirements
  • Indigenous Institutes Pathway Integration: Projects that explore how to strengthen pathways to and from Indigenous Institutes
  • Other Seamless Transfer Ideas? In addition to the priority areas identified above, if there are strategies that will make the transfer system more seamless, consider submitting a preliminary proposal.

NOTE: If the project’s aim is to develop a transfer pathway between postsecondary institutions in Ontario, please apply to the Postsecondary Pathway Development Stream. If the project’s aim is to generate knowledge/conduct research on student mobility in Ontario, please apply to the Research on Student Mobility stream.


Grants generally range from $10 000- $100 000.



  • Postsecondary institutions in Ontario (Colleges, Universities and Indigenous Institutes) are eligible to apply.
  • Applications can be from individual institutions or collaborative initiatives.


  • Projects/Activities and/or personnel that are funded through the Credit Transfer Institutional Grant (CTIG) are not eligible for ONCAT funding. The applicant must ensure that its institution has not been granted funding for the same or similar transfer initiatives
  • Projects led by external consultants.
  • Projects that consist of fully online initiatives. Note: For applications that include an online component, the online development will not be eligible for ONCAT funding and will be at the expense of the institution(s).




To be considered for funding, proposals must include the following:

  • Rationale: A clear and compelling description of the proposed project including an overview of how it addresses gaps in the current postsecondary context related to student mobility.
  • Evidence of Need: A comprehensive overview of data/evidence that is informing the development of this project.
  • Action plan: A clear strategy and timeline for the development and implementation of project, including any relevant internal approvals
  • Knowledge Mobilization Strategies: An explanation of how this model will be shared with others to support replication and uptake.
  • Confirmation of Partners (if applicable): Partner institution engagement must be confirmed at the time the proposal is submitted for consideration. Partners must confirm their role in the project and that they have reviewed the application and budget.
  • Budget: A clear and realistic budget that aligns with the proposed activities

Reports and Check-ins

ONCAT is committed to learning with its partners and values open and ongoing communication. If you are successful in receiving a grant, the following check-ins and reporting are required:

  • An interim update and financial report
  • Check-in’s on the project as needed (via email and/or in person)
  • A final report and detailed financial statement