Heads of Health Sciences Pre-Health Sciences Project – Continuation to Full Implementation (continuation of project 2011-44)

Georgian College of Applied Arts and Technology
The ONCAT Pre-Health Project Phase Two was a continuation of an earlier project designed to enhance the mobility of students whose goal was to pursue a postsecondary program in the health sciences. In order to facilitate student entrance to these programs, the Pre-Health Project Phase One had as its goal the development of Pre-Health programming in colleges that would incorporate common program learning outcomes and system-wide exemplars for the core courses in the programs. The outcome of the project was a recommendation that two levels of Pre-Health programming be implemented: one to prepare students for certificate and diploma programs and one to prepare them for advanced diploma and degree programs. The goals of Phase Two were to complete the work of Phase One by finalizing system agreement on the content of the two programs and identifying strategies to facilitate system adoption of the programs that would meet the requirements of the two approval bodies, the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities and the Credentials Validation Service of the Ontario Colleges Quality Assurance Service. The results of Phase Two include broad system concurrence with the learning outcomes of the new programs and acceptance of the course exemplars, agreement of all stakeholders on the processes for college implementation of the new programs, and the identification of a range of potential destination programs that goes well beyond the initial target of health science programs. The project was not able to complete the consultation process with all stakeholders in the college and university system because of delays in the external approval processes. However, the team has developed a communications plan and is prepared to extend its work until June 30, 2015 in order to complete it.