McMaster-Mohawk Graduate School Pathways Project (GSPP) - Bachelor of Technology from McMaster-Mohawk to Graduate Studies program

McMaster University
L. Bolan
Y. Maidment
I. Singh
M. Justason
T. Wanyama
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The McMaster-Mohawk Graduate School Pathways Project (GSPP) sought to create a clear and unambiguous pathway, for working technologists, as well as high school and recent college graduates, to the B.Tech. program, and onwards to graduate level studies in Engineering. The project focused on the following: - Gauging student demand and desire for graduate studies pathways via the Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) programs - Based on this student demand, establishing: o A) an advanced entry (2 courses or 6 units credit) pathway to graduate studies (completed) within the W Booth School of Engineering Practice and Technology at McMaster University; o B) a specialized new M.Eng. degree in the W Booth School, designed to be aligned to B.Tech. program specializations, with options to complete the full degree as well as a shorter post-graduate diploma (in progress); o C) the creation of new partnerships and pathways through the Combined Degree/Diploma program through bilateral articulation agreements, where students would then be eligible for option A) above – in this case, with Lambton College (completed)...