Ontario Colleges to Fanshawe and Seneca Colleges Bachelor of Commerce Degrees Transfer Pathways Project

Fanshawe College of Applied Arts and Technology
Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology

A proposal was submitted to ONCAT in early 2015 to initiate a project to support the creation and implementation of diploma to degree pathways for access from all colleges in Ontario for transfer into college Honours Bachelor of Commerce degree programs offered at Fanshawe College and Seneca College. Building on the Ontario Heads of Business ONCAT’s transfer agreements in Business between Ontario college diploma programs, Fanshawe and Seneca College’s Honours Bachelor of Commerce degrees will provide pathways for Ontario diploma graduates to ladder into these college degrees. The project’s goal was to create articulation agreements for the college’s high affinity diploma and advanced diploma programs in business. The result of these agreements will create time and cost saving for college graduates in Ontario seeking degree options in business. It will further fulfill a need for degree transfer opportunities in high affinity business diploma programs...