Pathway for transferring La Cité Programs to the University of Ottawa programs in the field of engineering

University of Ottawa
La Cité Collégiale
L. Pietrantonio
C. Thiboutot
Reference Number

La Cité and the University of Ottawa decided to work together to explore ways to increase student mobility from college to university in the field of engineering. To this end, both partners conducted a detailed program analysis in four engineering disciplines: mechanical, civil, electrical and computer. They looked at the programs' general directions and approaches as well as the specific components of related courses (targeted learning outcomes, educational methods, topics covered, learning assessment methods, etc.). This analysis took into account the accreditation bodies’ academic program requirements, to maintain their integrity. This analysis identified possible course equivalencies in each program, as well as requirements and conditions for credit transfers from college to university. About thirty courses were identified in total. Work is ongoing to develop agreements in these four disciplines, and these agreements should be ready to take effect in early fall 2017.