Pathways for Aboriginal Learners: Phase II

Confederation College of Applied Arts and Technology
The Centre for Policy In Aboriginal Learning
J. Helmer
S. B. Small
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Phase II: Based upon the successful partnership between the First Nations Technical Institute, Confederation College and Trent University the Pathways for Aboriginal Learners: Collaborating across Aboriginal Institutes, Colleges and Universities was developed to increase academic success for Indigenous learners in their post-secondary education. The creation of pathways through transfer and articulation for Indigenous learners enrolled at these institutions was the overarching purpose of this initiative. Environmental Studies, Indigenous Studies and Social Work were the affinity programs that were identified in this Project. In the fall of 2015, a cohort of students who graduated the Aboriginal Community Advocacy Diploma Program (June 2015) at Confederation College transferred into the third year of the Bachelor of Arts in Indigenous Studies Program at Trent University as a result of this initiative. They are expected to graduate in 2017. Indigenous learners were supported via a number of comprehensive wrap around strategies including reciprocal outreach between Confederation College and Trent University faculty and staff. As a transition component these learners attended a summer bridging initiative titled Bishkaa at Trent University where students engaged in a variety of transition and skill building activities. This cohort of learners were teamed up with Trent University mentors/learning partners and will continue their relationship moving forward...