Pathways and barriers to Art and Design Undergraduate Students with previous College and University Experience

OCAD University
D. Fisher
E. Nay
M. Wilson
L. Wood
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This study investigated “the transition needs and experiences of current OCAD U students from two distinct types of educational backgrounds: those with previous undergraduate coursework and those with prior college experience. The study used a mixed method approach, both qualitative (analysis of semi-structured interviews with students from both cohorts) and quantitative (analysis of National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) data comparing college transfer students, university transfer students and students who came directly from high school). The study found some significant differences in the expectations, experiences and needs of students from different educational backgrounds leading to a series of recommendations to better facilitate student mobility and enhance the quality of experience.” (report abstract) The quantitative analysis involved the identification of respondents who self-reported prior post secondary experience using OCAD University’s results in the 2011 NSSE. Using this data, “the study explored levels of engagement and satisfaction, as well as average grades and time-to-completion for students with previous university and college experience relative to students with only high school backgrounds”. (pp. 6-7)...