Pathways from French Language College Programs to a Bachelor of Arts Completion Degree

York University (Glendon)
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The objective of this project was to create pathways between Glendon’s BA and La Cité diploma programs in the areas of early childhood education, social work, gerontology and public relations. This was in response to the provincial need to increase access to French-language postsecondary educational opportunities in Centre and Southwestern Ontario. The project was built on the recognition of Glendon College of York University as the “hub” of French-language postsecondary education in Central and Southwestern Ontario and the desire of La Cité to increase its presence and educational expertise in the aforementioned region by developing a targeted program and service offer. The common goal of both postsecondary education institutions was to meet the needs of the Francophone and Francophile communities as well as the current need for a francophone and bilingual skilled workforce in many areas of the Ontario economy. Following the signature of a Memorandum of Understanding between York University – Glendon College and La Cité (see Appendix A), Glendon College and La Cité intended, with ONCAT funding, to strengthen a pathway between three 2-year college diploma programs offered at La Cité and the Glendon Bachelor of Arts in order to improve access to French-language college and university programs and training in the regions of Central and Southwestern Ontario within the French-language postsecondary education continuum...