Transfer Awards of Excellence

ONCAT is now accepting nominations for our second Transfer Awards of Excellence program. Now in its second year, the Awards were created to celebrate the work being done on development, innovation, and student support in the field of student mobility and credit transfer across Ontario. The award(s) recognize the efforts of those individuals and groups working in colleges, universities and Indigenous Institutes who go above and beyond the requirements of their jobs to promote and support student mobility.
This is your chance to recognize the achievements of one of your colleagues and/or partners who has made a significant impact or contribution on Ontario's transfer community. Awards will be judged by a committee that will include Northern and Francophone representation.
We are currently seeking nominations for the following Transfer Awards:

Research Excellence

This award recognizes an individual or group whose research has made a significant contribution to the Ontario transfer system.

Eligibility: Individual(s)/groups employed at Ontario’s publicly assisted colleges, universities, Indigenous Institutes or higher education agencies/organizations from within the province.

Staff Transfer Champion

This award recognizes an individual for their contributions to the Ontario transfer system through both their role(s) at their institutions, and as active contributors to building transfer in the larger postsecondary community.

Eligibility: Individual employed at one of Ontario’s publicly assisted colleges, universities or Indigenous Institutes


This award recognizes an individual who has made significant contributions throughout their career towards building a culture of mobility and transfer in Ontario’s postsecondary system.

Eligibility: An individual currently or previously employed at one or more of Ontario’s publicly assisted colleges, universities or Indigenous institutes for more than 5 years.

Nomination Process

The Chief Nominator is responsible for submitting the online nomination form, that includes:
  • Nominator contact details
  • A summary (approximately 200 words) of the nominee's significant contributions or achievements
  • A nomination letter (maximum 2 pages) signed by the nominee's supervisor, illustrating, with examples, how the nominee meets the criteria for the award. Please do not include any confidential documents.
Deadline to submit nomination: Friday, March 20th, 2020